Thursday, June 19, 2008

Berkelah Waterfall: Day 01

7th June was the day 01 at Berkelah waterfall aka Picnic Waterfall... 9 of us; Enigmaz, Celyn, Chee Sin Lou, Ah Ee, Yoyo, Alice, Aegean, Ah Hong and I... By 12 noon, we reached to the entrance of Berkelah waterfall which located between Maran and Kuantan by Karak. The day wasn't suitable for any outdoor activity as it was a rainy season. Since it was a waterfall trekking, no doubt we'll get wet also.

We started our journey at 12:45pm. A short distance from the entrance, we have to cross the 1st stream. We noticed that the water was muddy as the day before rained. We encountered a few campsites and most of it were fully occupied. There're few groups from Singapore too.

We trekked along the waterfall and terrain was rocky surface. The scenery wasn't that attractive due to the brownish water. Therefore, we hardly stop for a waterfall shot.

The rocky surface became very slippery when wet.

The path wasn't low... We have to trek up and down. We came across a few high and dangerous path.

Some route was very narrow... just right next to the strong current waterfall...

By 15:00, we reached almost to the last fall. We've to cross the stream in order to get to the last fall. Water tide was higher than usual. We used the rope which belongs to another group of trekkers to get us across.

Finally, we reached to last fall... It was really huge. The after-rain causing the fall greater than normal. Enigmaz on the huge rock...

We built 3 tents; 2 by the grand fall...

Ah Hong enjoying the scenery from a huge rock...

We spent most of our time on this huge rock...

By 19:00, sky was dark and it started to rain. We had our dinner under the huge rock... just like in a cave...

Many swallow's nests built under the rock.

Basically, there're nothing much we can do under the rock... just to wait for the rain to stop. Again, Chee Sin Lou with his newly bought gadget... This time with multiple colours... XD

Enigmaz tried some light graffiti with Chee Sin Lou...

This's my fav..! xD

At night, we chill on the huge rock... chatting and listening to the rushing water sound...

up next: day 02

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Berkelah Waterfall: Sceneries & Still Lives

Waaa haaa... No time to update... For now, I'm not goin to talk about the journey first... Lazy wanna do grandma story-telling. Let me start our Berkelah waterfall journey with some scenaries and still-lives pics taken during the trip...

Stagnant water with dried leaves in it...
Berkelah  waterfall 06

Great texture... but this is the most slippery part...
Berkelah  waterfall 07

The very 1st fall from the Berkelah waterfall cascades...
Berkelah  waterfall 05

Enigmaz's e-510 in live view mode while taking the grand fall... Terminator style... LOL...
Berkelah  waterfall 11

Living things along the grand fall...
Berkelah  waterfall 08

A tiny part from the grand fall...
Berkelah  waterfall 09

The Grand Fall... Also the final fall which is 150m high...
Berkelah  waterfall 10

A twin fall after the grand fall...
Berkelah  waterfall 01

Cascades along our trek...
Berkelah  waterfall 03

Small and relaxing fall...
Berkelah  waterfall 04

My fav fall...
Berkelah  waterfall 02 DAY01

Monday, June 9, 2008

Portrait: Orange & Carmen [Behind the scene]

DSC03480 copy




DSC03352 copy




Monday, June 2, 2008

Portrait: Orange & Carmen [Act 2]

After had enough portrait pics at Lagong, we went for our brunch at the Old Town Kopitiam, somewhere in Selayang if I'm not mistaken. Next, we wanted to stop by at Ulu Yam for another shooting activity, but seems like it'll be the same with Lagong and at the moment, many visitors were there. Therefore, we've suggested another shooting scene which was in Bukit Tinggi... Yea, Kimono..! Kawaii neh..!!! From Ulu Yam, we drove all the way to Bukit Tinggi and it was quite a long journey... causing tiredness and laziness struck us. Once we reached to Bukit Tinggi, remaining time for our shooting was very packed and limited. Our make-up artist has to work on the faces again to match the scene and clothing. We rented 2 Kimonos which costed RM20 each for half an hour. We divided into 2 groups with a model each and shoot for the precious 15min before swaping to another model. It was extremely rush and every shutter triggered doesn't go through my brain. Here're the compiled kawaiis' photos...











That's all from my 1st portrait photography. Thx again to the members for such a great photo outing. Really appreciate it very much. However, from the outing, I've gained experiences and what worse was I've found out that I really need a portrait lens. I NEED BOKEH..!!! Nooooo...!!! T_T

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Portrait: Orange & Carmen [Act 1]


Portrait..? I never shoot before wor..? 25th May was my very 1st attempt to take portrait. I joined few of the photogs; Wonderboy, EnigmaZ, Sam, Gin and Kenny for the outdoor portrait event which was organized by Sam. Thx Sam ;)

That morning, we gathered at the FRIM. I was informed there're 4 models but a couple seems to FFK. So only model Orange and Carmen turned up. Most important of all, the make-up artist, Connie who put alot of effort on the face decoration & make-up. At the FRIM, scenary was nice. However, I'm a rookie who din't manage to get any presentable shot there. Sigh... Burned..!

Next we moved on to the Lagong, not far from FRIM where there're a small stream and abit of jungle feel. So the theme shud be jungle gua... LOL..!

Here're some shots after PP from Lagong...

DSC03460a copy








...more to come