Tuesday, July 24, 2007

3 things to be clarified...

Banana still in Klang..! Wakakaka...!!! Sorry la... JB's not for a person like me la... Those Klang ah beng who don't like me... I'M STILL IN KLANG WEI..! Neh neh neh pu pu....



Sorry for no update. Work starts liao, no time for blogging. I'll try my best to update every weekends la... Or you come back next year la... sure got updates wan... Kakaka....

My headers's not from the Rain cover album ler... So many ppl asking and telling me... "Wei... curi from Rain ka...?" Lets clarify...




Both're different species ya... ;)

Clear anot...? Not clear can contact banana...
1-800-yellowbananainc.blogspot.com ext. 69

Saturday, July 21, 2007

At last I've watched Transformers!!!

Phew... finally i managed to watch Transformers the movie. Ya ya... I know I'm late and 99% of you all've watched it before me as everyone's reviewing it in their blogs. I know you all sien already la while I baru wanna stim... This is because I'm damn lazy wanna rush with you guys, wasting time queueing up for the movie (just a reason because can't get the bloody ticket =P). However, it was the best CG movie I've ever watched, previously was Godzilla. Mahai... even my sister don't know what's Transformer also can like that movie. If Barbie Doll I can accept la... Don't know why the movie until today still like a hot cake. I watched that movie also at 1:10am on 15th July after tempted me for so long like wanna explode liao. Ruin my sleeping time for that movie. But luckily it's damn worthy... The effect was superb but action too fast liao... can't really see the fighting... dunno who beat who. Anyway, again, a perfect movie..! 2 thumbs up!

Of coz my favorite hero is me myself la... YELLOWBANANA!



Friday, July 20, 2007

The ATC's Life... (video added)

Our first on-the-job training... Still good boy that time...

RM10,000,000 (if not mistaken still got balance few cents la...) Maybach came in for check-up... Look at the Jakuns...

What we did in ATC... undercarraige repair...


alignment & wheel repair...

comercial vehicle...

And sometimes, we fight...

Most of the time, we pose...

...and act macho.

Until the very final day, autograph becomes very popular. However, don't ever trust your friends, letting them write on your back... see what will happen.

My most valuable shirt (RM priceless)...

Finally... till we meet again...

Mechatronic 2's the BEST..! (believe it..!)

Thx to Ah Seng for putting all his effort doing this video & Sluppyhead for uploading it into youtube =D
Plz be patient and allow it to load. ;)

p/s: Hei buddies... Hope you all read this. Really miss you guys. Thanks for all the happy & sad moments when we're together. Really having fun and crazy time with you guys in this 3 years. Must always keep in touch no matter what, k? Happy & healthy always... Love you all...!

"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends forever"

Sigh... Kena tag lagi... 2 summore.... T_T

Tagged by Jess Sophia
1. Food you hate: Dog food
2. Fruits that you hate: Papaya
3. Veggies that you hate: Long bean
4. Celebrities or people that you hate: Daniel Lee
5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate: Girl screaming with a high pitch
6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate: Harry Potter
7. Type of Music that you hate: Jazz
8. Household chore that you hate: Washing dishes
9. Things you hate about the world: Nothing's free
10. Things that you hate about yourself: Height

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FACT #1: Banana's yellow
FACT #2: Banana's short
FACT #3: Banana's juicy
FACT #4: Banana' sweet
FACT #5: Banana hates Papaya
FACT #6: Banana has no life
FACT #7: Banana has thick skin
FACT #8: Banana lazy to tag

I wanna tag whoever read tis...!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Borneo Trip: Day 5 (Final Day)

8th July: Finally, it's the last day we'll be in Borneo. The last day's the most treasured moment; hoping the day won't pass so fast. Malcom's not with us today as he's going to Sarawak to continue his studies. However, the last day we went to the Tip Of Borneo (a.k.a Simpang Mengayau) in Kudat although it took us bout 2 1/2 hrs drive from Kg. Telibong.

Along the journey, the scenary's very relaxing and peaceful.

About 7km before reaching to the Simpang Mengayau, there'll be no tar road. Sabahan'll say "Jalan grabel" which means gravel road... Kaka... (I was about to look for dictionary what 'grabel' means xD). It's better to use on off road vehicle unless you want to trash your car.

After 2 1/2 hrs, we reached to the tip.

The scenary was...

It's like at the end of the world.

The wind's strong... Remember to eat more before you come.







Yellowbanana fan spotted...

Then we stopped by at the beach near the tip of Borneo to take our lunch. You won't be seeing anyone there. Perhaps of the strong waves.

I don't feel like leaving this place... Kakaka...

Our next destination & also the final destination's the Rungus Longhouse.


The house's made of split bamboo.

Illegal sex...? Here you go...

Beadwork by the Rungus women.


The host explained about the game which you need to solve in order to marry the Rungus lady. Meanwhile, Wonderboy was trying the other IQ test which is given to the longhouse visitors at olden days. In order to save their head being chopped, they need to solve the quiz in the time given. Luckily they din't practise it present day, or else we're dead.

At the price of RM50, you can stay for a night with food & other activities provided. We will give a try next Borneo visit.

Variety of nice bracelets & neckless are sold...

...and I got some at a very reasonable price.

That's all our 5-day Borneo trip.

Nicely shaped cloud at the peak of Mt. Kinabalu when we're on our way to KK. Perhaps Mt. Kinabalu greets us goodbye.

Before we leave, we had our dinner in KK city with Nini (Kev's cousin sis), Kenny & Canisius (my seniors).

The last pic from Borneo.
Our flight scheduled at 10:50 pm and our Borneo trip ends here... I MISS YOU, BORNEO..!

Special thanks to:

...as our Borneo tour guide

...providing us accomodation.

...for accompanying us. All the best in your studies...

...for bringing us around.

...for 5 perfect weather days.