Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lata Hammers Invasion (the story)

26th & 27th... The days we invaded Lata Hammers (aka Perting Fall), a beutiful & almost untouched waterfall which can be accessed via the old Gombak-Bentong road. Our team consists of 15 members... almost twice the amount of the last camping trip.
On 26th, we supposed to leave Shah Alam at 4:00am as we promised, but we moved on by 5:30am (due to janji cina + janji melayu).

After we had our breakfast, we immediately headed to our destination. Unfortunately, our GPS system was malfunction, and took us bout 3hrs to reach old Bentong road. Sigh, we got lost couples of time and almost over-shoot to Bentong (thanks to Frankie who noticed the old wracked signboard).

By 9.00am, we started our offroad journey which was about 3km to reach to the training resort. The road was terrible; uneven, narrow, tricky & muddy. Pity to Daryl's low ride...

About an hour, we reached to the unfinished house. We parked and started our trekking. The very 1st, we must cross the river (Daryl fell into the river and opened the ceremony).

As we were walking , leeches were all around and the trail was abit overgrown. We crossed the wild ferns, bamboos and bushes. Bout an hour walk, we reached to the steepest part of the descent. Luckily, Wye Jun brought his rope and really came in handy. As we managed to climb down the descent, we crossed the stream and found our camp spot. What an ideal campspot. Imagine a sandy beach with waterfall scenary. Puurrfect...!
We were so surprised to see such a huge pool. Stunning!

Suddenly i feel itchy at my leg...
Leech: Muahaha...! I love "A" type...
Banana: Why don't you suck Kev's, he has a betta "A". His A stands for AIDS. A combination A+B+AB+O. Must be delicious... (Kev who had just recovered from denggi fever few weeks ago).
Leech: Huahaha..! Ok ok.. After i suck yours. Now i'm going to suck from my mouth & my arse.
Banana: Take your time, perhaps this is your last meal =P

Once reached, the first act was jump into the water and some built their tents. As we were shortage of tents, Frankie and Pijan managed to find a waterproof banner which was left by previous campers and built thier conventional open-air tent. Salute..!!!

Pie & Alien, the ambassadors for SunSilk... Look at their healthy armpit hair...

Wahaha Pjan, for sure tonight Frankie & you sleep with the frogs.

Pjan bringing his little bro for a jump.

Nangka busuk + Brother bear + Big breasted Kev = Sex Bomb

Fat ass is enjoying the sunshine.

The camp with the best ventilation. Even the frogs also can jump in.

As usual, jumping into the water from stones is a must. Some were cooking, some were fishing and even sand castle building... -_-"

Banana: What is the menu?
Alien: American beans in red sause (canned bean in ketchup), tuna with pasta (sardine) and Kampung fried rice (white rice).
Banana: Fulamak, 5-star meal at campsite...

Ein: AH BU GEN...!
Awe: WAH TAA..! Prak! (hole in the pants)

Wah..! So huge a...? 15 person sharing 1 fish tonight... Chucky take the bone.

Suddenly, banana encounters a native...
Pie: No..! No..! Don't shoot me...
Banana: Sakai...! Just a camera lar -_-"

From your friendly neighbourhood...

At night, we sat around the campfire and talked cock sang song & banged balls.

The next morning, we did some water activities before leaving the wonderful place. We had to climb, trek and river crossing for 45min to reach our cars. We bathed at the very 1st river before doing the offroad challenge again. Finally, our vehicles were so happy to cruise on the tarmac. Phew..!

1 word I must say... ADVENTUROUS!

... for sad Collin who can't join us.
Don't worry, we won't forget bout you. Here's a souvenir... Got abit of Lata Hammers smell.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lata Hammers Invasion (sneak preview)

A sneak preview on Lata Hammers Invasion...

...full report & more pics will be coming soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Solo Street Shooting | KL

It was a boring weekend, so i've decide to go to KL for some solo street shooting. From my house, i took a bus to Klang and switched to Kota Raya bus. OMG, it's been years i've never on board a bus since the last time was 5-6years back. 1 major change that i've noticed was i don't see a single Chinese in the bus... and most were foreigners from Indon and Bangla. *swt*... I felt like I'm the foreigner. WTF?? What had happened to this country....??? Sigh... What to do.... Thanks to the our bla bla bla... (Don't have to draw out la, ya... It's a fact.)

After 1/2 hour, bus reached at Pasar Seni and I dropped by at Petaling Street... Abit of China feel here at last. Then I walked to Puduraya---> Sg.Wang---> KLCC... Of coz as i was walking, my camera kept shooting. When reached to KLCC, I rested 15min at the park (It was my 1st time in that park and i felt like a foreigner again -_-").

Then, i continued my walk from KLCC---> KL Tower ---> Masjid Jamek---> Puduraya---> Petaling Street and boarded a bus back to Klang. What I had gained was pain in my legs. Anyhow, this could be 1 of my training session for the coming marathon on 1st of July. xD

Frankly, KL is a nice place, but... sigh... wasted...

Here're some scenes framed from KL...