Friday, May 30, 2008

Mt. Irau: Macro&Still

Here're some macro & still shots from mt. Irau... Nothing much there besides moss... Enjoy ;D













That's all from mt. Irau...

Note: All pics taken with 18-70mm kit lens since my 18-200mm "masuk kilang."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mt. Irau: Day 2

I slept outside just with a sleeping bag as the night wasn't that cold.. not until in the 5am, strang wind start blowing and it was freezing... The next morning, at 07:30 we woke up and had our breakfast.

By 10:00, we start trekking to the peak of Mt. Irau at left our backpack and other stuff in the campsite to ease our journey...

The scenary got better and better as the forest is "mossier" than before...

If you're thirsty, along the way there're many huge pitcher plant... Just grab 1...

Every few little steps we stop and shoot... No doubt we were slow xD

I think this is best and most interesting jungle trail you can find... Unlike others, just bored scenaries...

A family pic...

Finally by 11:40, we found this large marker stone... Thats Pahang side...

... and the opposite is Perak. Huh..? So Mt. Irau belongs to which state..???

Yay... 2110m above sea level... but disappointing scenary from the peak. Heavily covered by mist. Sigh... but satisfied anyway.

After had enough of Mt. Irau, we made a move back to our panas-panas world.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mt. Irau: Day 1

Just a small group, Celyn, Chi Xin Lou & sis, Ah Ee, Enigmaz and I planned to celebrate the Wesak Day on the peak of mt. Irau. Perhaps I could escape from the hot and hazy weather in Klang... We reached Cameron Highland on the 17th of May and stayed a night at a low budget hotel in Brinchang town. Let me tell you how "low" is the low budget hotel. Our room was just right above a steamboat restaurant causing the smoke entered into our room everytime there're customers. The whole room was oily and smelly and I just feel like it's better to spend a night at the campsite. However, I managed to get through the horrible night and no more low budget hotel for me.

On 18th will be our 1st day of mt. Irau trip. In the morning, we had our breakfast in Brinchang and moved on to the BOH teahouse. We took our time enjoying the scenary of the tea farm as the hike to the peak of mt. Irau will jsut consume about 3hrs ++...

After the tea break, we went to the starting point of mt. Irau hiking route which loacted not far from the teahouse. The time was 15:00 and it was foggy. By that time, there were alot of vehicle parked there. Seems like there were still alot of hikers...

The route was easy... We just need to cross the 1st mountain and climb the next mountian.

Scenary at the starting was a regular scene... Just like any other forest.

It was cooling and hardly sweat...

As we went on trekking, the forest turned mossy. Most of the branches were covered by moss... Geli kan?

Like LOTR kan..?

We trekked along the small stones which indicate the Perak-Pahang border line. Raincoat became a route marker too... LOL....

It seems like late evening in the jungle...

By 18:20, we (except Chi Xin Lou & sis) reached to a campsite which we thought it was the peak... Immediately the tent was up and prepared for dinner. Not until Chi Xin Lou and his sis arrived, he said what were we doing there. That wasn't the peak..! LOL... However, we decided to spend a night there. Still remaining an hour walk to reach the peak and the we're around 2km above sea level...

That night Chi Xin Lou has prepared a special menu which he just learned... Every can't wait to taste it... Just look at the amount of the canned food for 6 person you'll know the result... LOL...

While waiting the food to cook, everyone get ready the lights and torch as the day turned dark.

Chi Xin Lou: Watch out this stuff, you might go nuts...

EnigmaZ : I GOT THE POWER..!
Chi Xin Lou: Mahai..! You shoot me, I shoot you back..!

About 50min later, our dinner was ready... Hungry ghosts from the Hell Gate attacking the food...

Seriously, the kow kow rojak rice was exteremly salty... The chicken soup was nice...

When comes to hunger, no matter how salty the food is, I hantam also...

Middle of the night, no clubbing, no disco, no fengtau... What else, chor dai di la...

...will be continue

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Klang Weather Report

How's the weather recently..? Weather in Klang is terrible. During the days, skies are so clear with fine dramatic clouds produces strong heat... At the same time making my temper hot too... Before bath, sweat... After bath also sweat... What worse is at night without fail, haze from no where polluting the atmosphere. I've to lock myself in an air-cond room or else no doubt I'll get throat infection and running nose. I wonder how long will this disaster last...

Taken on 16-05-08, 19:09 at Botanic Garden, Klang.

Perhaps, I need to get to somewhere cooler...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KL Night Vision

Sigh... Now I'm leaving without telephoto lens. I can't go any further than 70mm. Just like life without a further aim... Last night I've took a ride to Genting just to chill at Starbucks. Surprisingly, the sky was very clear without mist and even stars can be spotted. So I've captured a couple of pics from Uncle Lim's place down to KL... The lights from the twin tower was magnificent, just like light sabre...


Independence day..? Actually there was a layer of thick cloud where the light from the twin tower was screened.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mummy's Day...

Happy Mother's Day... Banana loves you... Thanks Mama...


Loving you always,
Naughty Banana

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kuala Selangor... continue from Sekinchan paddy field

Since morning till noon we were at the paddy field, finally we decided to make a move. We must have our lunch...! So unusual, we ate KFC instead of seafood.. LOL...

On our journey to KFC, never forget about huge huge lotus by the roadside...

All in the drain... Ya... I mean longkang...

After lunch, we headed up to the monkey hill, Bukit Melawati.

The still-functioning-lighthouse... Perhaps for the fisherman who fish in the dark...

Clear sky...

Bunch of monkeys...

Last stop is the fishing village... Same routine everytime.. Hehe...

Shoot and smell fishy at the same time...

On the jetty...

Wooden house built on the shore...