Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally Banana Graduated

After been through 3 years training, at last we're graduated. Time passed exteremly fast which makes 3 years're like 3 blinks of an eye. On 28th of June was the most memorable & precious moment in my life. Both excitement & sadness were compiled together; excitement because we graduated, sadness because we have to leave each other. Here're some photos taken during the 2nd batch of Mechatronic graduation in The Saujana KL ballroom. I din't manage to get alot of shots due to some inconvenient situtation and profesional photographer was hired to do the job.

28th June is really a special day. This scenary was taken while i was driving to Saujana KL ballroom at 7:15am. The god of rays really brighten up my day. =D

The Ballroom...

Inset: Fish eye lens with nipple

Rehearsal... Thx to Mr.Bob, the event manager. Thx for everything.

The final pose.

Let's get it started. The time was 2:30pm... arrival of guests & CEO. Look at Chucky, cutiest guy in Mecha2.

Speech less plz...

The best student award goes to....... Tar Hong! Congrats..!

Makan time... All of them were so curious about how the coffee dispenser works.

The warriors...

How nice if those cars were for lucky draw... Dream On..!

Miss Kimberly was so happy to receive a bouquet of flowers from Pie. Thx Ms. Kim..!

Our dedicated trainers. Thx to you all...!

Parents, siblings & friends...

p/s: Sigh... received a call from workshop saying i might be stationed in Klang. Don't know what the management personal trying to prove. Like playing with me, assuming I'm a ball, kick here and there. If I've a chance, I really wanna bash them up. Now I'm 50:50, klang:JB. Just make the damn final decision F**KERS! I'm so tired and don't know how to entertain you all. oOo(-.-)oOo

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buffet Time...

On 26th June, Mechatronic 2 organised a gathering at Hartz Chicken Buffet along with the trainers... perhaps this was the last gathering as we're going to split and move on to our respective sponsers. At the begining, few places were suggested... but due to there're some heavy-weight eaters, we afraid it'll be insufficient food supply. Therefore, we have it at the Hartz Chicken Buffet in Sunway Pyramid.

Measure your height, not your belly before you get in... Lucky Chucky is only 5ft... I guess he don't even have an IC... Free entrance for Chucky..?

Gentlemen, starts your belly....!

Our champion, Mr.Collin... nobody break his record; 9 pieces of chickens at a time... Size doesn't matter, but we believe that he has a blackhole in his stomach.

While waiting food to digest in order to proceed another round food hunting, Banana took some spy shots at 1 of the girl in a group... results are horrible with 300mm telephoto shots without IS. Looks like my hand was shivering... What worse was being noticed by the lenglui... OOPPPPSSSS.... I DID IT AGAIN...! xD

Ah Seng, the emcee misses his infant-hood...

When the HELL GATE opens...

Pjan who has coulrophobia is trying to overcome his fear... FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR....!

Finally, it was another great gathering that we're gonna miss alot... and tomorrow's out graduation day!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunset At Port Klang

Yesterday, after soooooo.... long I can't get to see the blue blue skies. Throughout these weeks, the sky in Klang is covered with thick thick clouds... and never miss raining in the evening. I just wanna see sunset... T_T wuwu... Thank god yesterday was a nice evening. Without hesitating, we grabbed our cameras to record the beautiful day. As you all know, the only nice spot to see sunset in Klang is Port Klang. When thinking of it also, sometimes I feel I could migrate to Penang... everyday, everywhere can see beautiful sunset... Here're the moments captured yesterday... Sunset at Port Klang.

More magnificent shots by Wonderboy & The Shutters

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kuala Selangor Walk-walk...

17th June... It's Kuala Selangor again. Yup, previously I took some pics from the Sekinchan paddy field sololy. But this time with Wonderboy & EnigmaZ. Therefore, our photoshooting was twice the fun. We departed from Klang at 6:00 am and arrived at 7:15 am. We wanted to capture the sunrise, unfortunately the weather was bad with thick clouds. However, the pics captured in the morning were satisfying...

At the paddy field, we came across a wrecked bridge which is going to collapse anytime.

After few hours spent at the field, we made our journey to the fishing village. On our way, we noticed by the roadside there were alot of lotus grow in the drain. Surprisingly, this is largest lotus I've ever seen. The flower is bigger than my palm..!

Then we headed to the fishing village which is along the Kuala Selangor riverside. A simple and peaceful lifestyle...

Before we return to Klang, we stopped by the Melawati Hill which is famous for monkeys. Here're some monkey shots...

p/s: more coverage plz visit Wonderboy